Editor, Singapore

Role Overview 

The Editor is required to manage and oversee editorial and commercial content produced on Time Out Singapore’s digital, social platform and print platforms. This includes reviewing all content produced, such as articles, videos and photographs, working closely with the Managing Director and the Regional Commercial Director to develop content strategies and to represent the Time Out brand at social/industry events throughout the year. The Editor may also be required to assist with the content strategy and commissioning of freelancers for Time Out Kuala Lumpur, Penang and future sites in Malaysia.  

Time Out Singapore is looking for an exceptional candidate with strong business acumen, excellent writing and proofreading skills, networking and interpersonal skills, and the ability to guide and manage the existing content team towards achieving their business goals.

Key Responsibilities

Editing Content
● Working with local and global leadership, creates and implements a local content plan that rapidly develops the brand, audience and content in Singapore.
● Reviews content, articles, videos, photographs for accuracy and appropriateness, providing suggestions where necessary to improve them.

Setting Editorial Standards
● Ensures all local content meets the global editorial guidelines.
● Ensures local content is accurate, legal, on-brand, and excellent.

Managing the Departmental Budget
● Manages the editorial costs of Time Out Singapore, from full time salaries to freelancers. This includes finding new and innovative ways to utilize budgets to gain a wider readership and drawing up budget proposals and new initiatives alongside the Managing Director. The Editor will be required to maintain and share a financial tracker of editorial costs spent versus budgeted costs. 

Team Management
● Responsible for recruiting, training, mentoring and managing staff on the editorial team. The Editor works closely with these team members to develop editorial plans for all platforms, be it daily for digital, quarterly for print specials, as well as when needed for video and social.
● Builds and maintains a roster of grade A freelancers for own brand editorial work as well as for commercial projects. 
● Monitors the workload of the content team to ensure an equitable distribution of content across key and high performing sections.
● Ensures that the team understands the need to balance fast turnaround with thorough and accurate reviews/features/news blogs/listicles and will work with staff to achieve those objectives.
● Works with the Managing Director, Regional Commercial Director and Creative Director to identify and implement efficiencies in hitting deadlines and reducing the time taken to close print products, be they own brand or custom publishing projects. 

Competitive Advantage
● Regularly benchmarks against competitors to ensure that Time Out Singapore has a competitive advantage, working with the editorial team to initiate new features, ideas, content series, trending topics/interviews are conducted and executed in a timely fashion.

Audience Retention and Acquisition
● Working with the global EiC and audience development team, implement plan to increase Time Out’s reader base across all platforms.
● Use analytics and data for social platforms and digital publishing to review audience development locally; make data-driven decisions.
● Regularly review and analyse market trends.
● Support the Managing Director and Regional Commercial Director to improve and maximise print distribution reach and engagement, where necessary.
● Grow audience and engagement via content distributed effectively through SEO and social channels and email.
● Develop new content types including video to keep Time Out Singapore ahead of the curve.

Commercial Content
● Ideate with and for the commercial team to support branded content pitches
● Oversee projected timeline/schedules including deliverables and deadlines.
● Work with the Managing Director to review commercial workflow and processes to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness on a regular basis

Representing Time Out
● Act as the brand ambassador and public voice at social and industry events, and should proactively pitch for public speaking opportunities at conferences and seminars to further increase brand and authoritative credibility within the media, entertainment and lifestyle segments.
● Be the face of the content team at inter-company meetings and video conferences. 
● Work with events leads to ensure Time Out events are on brand and in Time Out’s tone of voice.
● Host Time Out events where relevant as the editorial brand ambassador of Time Out Singapore.

The Ideal Candidate

● A passion for and excellent knowledge of Singapore’s exciting lifestyle and cultural scene
● At least 6+ years of professional consumer content experience, with a strong reporting and team management background, especially in a decision-making capacity
● Must be Singaporean, SPR or hold a valid Employment Pass.
● Excellent grasp and understanding of SEO, web analytics and social media best practices 
● Experience in managing a team of editors and managing upwards and sideways
● Enthusiastic 
● Energetic and committed 
● Excels in interpersonal communications 
● Effective and positive communicator 
● Ability to create and communicate vision 
● Strong time-management skills 
● Strong leader, good sense of teamwork 
● Ability to work effectively with diverse viewpoints and approaches 
● Effectively delegates responsibility 
● Respects confidential information 
● Cooperative and open-minded 
● Effectively resolves misunderstandings 
● Promptly and effectively follows through 
● Explores and embraces innovative technologies 
● Effective team player and leader with Time Out staff, colleagues and commercial partners
● Must be educated to degree level or equivalent industry qualification

About Our Culture

At Time Out Group we believe in diversity and equal opportunity for all people. We do not discriminate against external or internal candidates on the basis of age; disability; gender, gender reassignment; race; religion or belief; sexual orientation; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity. We believe that diversity develops creativity and enables personal and professional growth where we all learn from each other. We believe in an open culture where ideas are shared candidly and where there is no fear of failure, but rather an understanding that we must experiment and have the freedom to succeed. We believe that everyone has the right to express themselves as they are as this enriches us all. We believe in an open world, social justice, and the pursuit of happiness, after all, we are in the happiness business.

About Time Out Group plc

It all began in London in 1968 when Time Out helped people discover the exciting new urban cultures that had started up all over the capital. Since then, this iconic brand has consistently maintained its status as the go-to source of inspiration for both locals and visitors alike.

Time Out Group has been named one of the Most Innovative Companies for 2020 by Fast Company - this prestigious annual list honours the businesses making the most profound impact on both industry and culture, showcasing a variety of ways to thrive in today’s fast-changing world. The Group comprises two highly synergistic business divisions: Time Out Media and Time Out Market. 

Time Out Media’s digital and physical media proposition comprises websites, mobile, social media, print and live events. Across these platforms, Time Out distributes its high-quality content – written and curated by local expert journalists – around the best food, drinks, culture, art, music, theatre, travel and entertainment in 328 cities and 58 countries. The Company is monetising this global reach and its strong traffic from a desirable audience via digital and print advertising as well as e-commerce. Since its launch 50 years ago, Time Out has become a global brand that advertisers and consumers love and trust.

Time Out Market is a food and cultural market leveraging the Time Out brand to bring the best of the city under one roof: its best chefs, drinks and cultural experiences – based on the editorial curation Time Out has always been known for. The world’s first food and cultural market experience based wholly on editorial curation, Time Out Market captures decades of local knowledge, independent reviews and expert opinions. Everything that is being offered in Time Out Market must have been reviewed with four or five stars, and not one star less, by independent Time Out journalists.

The first Time Out Market opened in Lisbon in 2014 and is now Portugal’s most popular attraction with 4.1 million visitors in 2019. Following this success, five new Time Out Markets opened in North America in 2019 in Miami, New York, Boston, Montréal and Chicago. A further pipeline of other global locations includes Dubai, Porto, London and Prague. 

Across both business divisions, the Group’s mission is to help people around the world go out better. 

Time Out is a dynamic, pioneering brand and so is our team. We want to work with the best and brightest talent because we work for the world’s greatest cities, the people enjoying them and the businesses in them. As a truly global team we get to collaborate with colleagues from New York to Paris, Tokyo and Sydney and beyond. It’s our integrity, passion, curiosity, creativity and openness that make us successful and a unique team.

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